Killer Chop Cup

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  • Comes with 2 balls.
  • Custom sizes,colors available.
  • Pictured are Black, and Brown Gator.
  • Does not come with carry bag.
  • Chopped Dice are available for purchase.
  • Price: $69.00

    This chopcup is awesome.
    Selected to be used in the Summit Entertainment movie "Now You See Me"
    Looks like a dice cup you'd find at a bar, not something you'd find at a magic shop. Using a unique design, you can take either ball and drop it in and then roll it right back out, if you wish. The leather cup allows it to function on any surface: glass, wood, a close-up pad, anything. The cup has a bit of give to it, allowing you to load, hold-out, and produce items such as a billiard ball quietly on any surface.
    New!Chopped dice now available for purchase.
    • I received my package last week and just wanted to convey my thanks for an excellent service from beginning to end. The chop cup is beautiful and screams quality. Suffice it to say i'm very impressed.
      -David Clement
    • The dice cup you sold me is phenomenal.
      -John Abraham
    • I've been away awhile and just got the package today. I particularly liked the chop cup. As someone who used to do leather work as a hobby, I appreciate the care in its design and construction. It's totally innocuous, yet the magnet is carefully off centre, the seam locates the magnet, etc. There are many uses that this feature alone suggests and if you goof and get the wrong ball there's still a way out that doesn't really involve sleight of hand - just simple handling. But best of all, totally innocuous, you'd never suspect...
      -Kevin Mc Lean

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