Availability: NEW!
  • Lined with satin inside and out
  • Flat pocket on the inside
  • Soft leather. Very comfortable.
  • Now available with a rounded bottom to be worn on either side.
  • Price: $69.00

    This is our newest pouch. A side pouch that acts like an external pocket with extra pockets for smaller items. The inside and the back of the pouches are lined with satin. Can hold a few lemons or limes, a chop cup, TT, Sharpie, etc.
    The new model has a rounded bottom so it can be worn on either side or even at your back. Unless you have a specific requirement for a one-sided pouch, I suggest getting the Ambidextrous option.
    Pictured are 2 photos of the Ambidextrous Pouch and a 3rd picture of the one-sided pouches.

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