Bag for The Dean's Box

Availability: Available. Inside color varies
Details: Black Suede with contrasting Lining and trademark Ring Closure

Price: $89.00

These bags are the perfect way to carry your Dean's Box to all your shows.
  • Padded to protect the box.
  • Made from durable black suede.
  • Trademark Ring Closure is 2.5 inches around.
  • Lined with Satin.
  • Extra fabric at the opening allows for easy carrying.
    • I received my bag today and it exceeded my expectations. When I put a box inside and put it together I couldn't believe how great it looked. The way the ring fits around so perfectly and the box fits like a glove. Who created this? You? I am amazed. I just showed it to my wife and she couldn't believe it either. The material is fantastic. I couldn't find anything wrong at all. Great job. How can I get a hold of these to sell? Thanks a lot for everything you have done for us. I wish you hadn't bought the Box. I would have given you one for all of this.
      -Dean Dill
    • This is really outstanding stuff here, Frank. Thanks so much. I have two items of yours --- bags for Dean's Box and Ninja Rings --- but plan on many more purchases over the months and years to come.
      -Daniel Ulin