Strolling Pouch

Availability: Now Available for purchase.
  • Small enough to be worn under a suit jacket.
  • Large enough to hold larger items.
  • Two styles (One or two zipper compartments).
  • Coin slots
  • Double-zippers for ease of use on either hip.
  • Zippers hold items securely between gigs.
  • Price: $69.00


    They're In!!!

    This pouch is not very big but it holds a lot of items. The perfect pouch for strolling. Especially when wearing a suit. Gets the bulk and weight out of your pockets.

    Designed and made specifically for magicians means no wasted space. The perfect place to store packet tricks, rings, shells, a sharpie, an extra deck of cards, etc.

    Instead of loading up your pockets you can keep a few items in your pockets and keep the rest in the pouch to swap in and out during your gig. Or you can work right out of the pouch.

    An ultra-slim version is available with just one zipper compartment (see photo 3)
    Both pouche styles have 2 flat pockets on the outside for multiple uses.
    We decided on zippers so you can remove the pouch, zip it up, and toss it aside without losing your props. Double-zippers are used to allow equal access whether it's worn on the left or right side (or in the back).

    Make sure you check out the gallery for more photos. See link just below.

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