Street Pouch

Availability: Available
  • Soft and strong leather.
  • Strong Stitching.
  • Large pockets for cups and balls loads and other props.
  • Very portable. Rolls up. Lightweight.
  • Inside/Outside pockets shown are available for added cost.
  • Expertly made in the USA.
  • Price: $99.00

    This is an entry level pouch made from nice quality soft leather. This pouch will easily hold 4 oranges and a coconut with a lot of room to spare. This item could also be used as an inexpensive solution for a back-pouch. The leather is wonderful. This is a great buy on a pouch. Smaller pockets are added inside and out.
    • I just got the pouch with the modifications we discussed. I can't believe this is not your #1 seller! The compartment sizes are great! The quality of the leather and stiffness of the pockets really are what I was hoping for! There is no tell from the front of what I may be carrying and am planning on recreating several routines where I had to reach in the case for a wand or scarf or other small item will now come from the pouch. Thanks again for working with me on the modifications and I look forward to doing more business in the future!
      -Brian Groth

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