Zipper Coin Purse

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  • Stylish
  • Manly
  • Macho
  • Price: $29.00

    A manly case for your coins.
    Manly on the outside, stylish on the inside.
    The interior lining my change from time to time.

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    • Just wanted to assure you that I received my coin purse and I love it! Great quality and good construction! Thank you for all the updates and for the great service!
      -Jay Hwang
    • I received the Zipper Coin purse and had a few minutes to check it out before I had to leave...but I have to say, this simple, unassuming looking purse is actually a little gem. It's small but holds a lot and holds it really tight and protected (as long as you have at least 4 coins in there). I'd feel secure putting expensive gaffs in there and tossing in into my case or pocket. The interior fabric protecting the coins from the leather is essential and I like that the whole package is very compact. I also like that I can open it and it's contents are shielded from view on either side. Awesome work. If you have any plans to make more versions of it (say, with a metal zipper, or two or more additional pockets, etc.), please let me know! Thanks for the great product.
      -Christopher Moro

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