Parlor Pouch

Availability: Available.
Details: Light Weight Folds up Inside flat pocket Great for a formal stand-up show. Belt not included.

Price: $99.00

The parlor pouch is a lightweight but durable leather pouch specifically designed for a show that does not take the abuse of street performing. The extra pockets found in the buskers pouch have been eliminated but the inside and the back of the pouch are lined. It's a little smaller than the Busker's Pouch.
The pouch uses softer leather and can be rolled up and put inside your case so it takes up very little room when empty.
It will easily hold 6 jumbo oranges and much more. 4 oranges (or baseballs) and a coconut would fit with ease. The inside of the pouch does have a flat pocket against the body to hold a wand and balls for the cups and balls.
For a deluxe version of this pouch see our Parlor Pouch Plus.

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