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  • Extreme (Human Body Stunts) 4-DVD Set by Luis De Matos - DVD - DVDEXTREME


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    12 Human Body Stunts performed and taught by Luis De Matos.

    The Essential Magic Collection, a new series of instructional DVDs featuring the best in professional magic. The first release is Luis de Matos's EXTREME: Human Body Stunts for Professionals. A four DVD set, containing twelve different stunts as used by Luis de Matos in his stage, corporate and television work.

    Disc 1 - Firewalking

    Disc 2 - Stone Breaking
    Arrow Snapping
    Bottle Break 1

    Disc 3 - Frozen Alive
    Strait Jacket
    Apple Tear

    Disc 4 - Walking on Glass
    Bar Bending
    Bottle Break 2
    "Luis de Matos is one of Europe's top illusionists. Whatever Luis does, he does with style and this DVD set is no exception. These are professional routines, professionally described. This collection is a great opportunity to learn some of magic's most impressive stunts from someone who has made a reputation performing them" - David Copperfield

    "Not only a much-needed and comprehensive look at extraordinary body stunts, but also shot in broadcast quality by one of the biggest names in European magic. An absolute must-have." - Derren Brown

    "Luis, yet again you amaze me. This is a remarkable set of DVDs. Wonderful material, carefully explained. I don't know of anything else like it. Congratulations my friend!" - Cyril Takayama

    Total Running Time: Approximately 3hr 3min

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