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  • Sick by Sean Fields - DVD - DVDSFSICK


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    Sean Fields is back with one of the most disturbing close up illusions ever!

    Borrow a coin. Swallow it. What happens next can be described in one word.


    Take a knife, and slice your arm wide open. The spectator can see the wound open, and the blood flow.

    With no movement or cover, the spectator can see the coin slowly emerge from within your body! This looks UNBELIEVABLE!

    Remove the coin. Hand it back.

    Sean has kept this effect to himself, until now! For the first time ever, Sean is sharing this incredible piece of geek magic!

    Using items you already own, Sean walks you step by step through the deception; from preparation to performance, no detail is overlooked.

    This is Sick. This is magic. Redefined.

    Running Time: Approximately 54mins

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