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    The Divination Deck is an extremely versatile device that allows you to perform unlimited effects utilizing endless methods.

    One possible effect: the magician asks a spectator to concentrate on a chosen card, then the magician points to the Divination Deck sitting on the table, a small pack of cards containing letters and numbers.

    "This deck," the magician says, "can tell me what card you chose." The magician then asks the spectator to draw a number of cards from different parts of the deck.

    The choice is theirs. This is an absolutely FREE CHOICE!!! No forcing!!

    These cards are then shuffled and placed on top of the Divination Deck. The magician asks the spectator to deal those cards from the top of the Divination Deck while spelling the name of their card. The magician then asks the spectator to name their selected card to the audience. Miraculously, the cards spell out the spectator's selection.

    The effects are endless, the questions are endless, the presentations are endless.

    But only the divination Deck knows the answers...

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