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  • Spider in a Jar by Chazpro Magic - Trick - SPIDERINAJAR

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    A screamingly scary trick!

    The magician shows his spider collection:
    A stack of cards, each with a picture of a jar with a spider inside.

    A spectator adopts and names a spider, writing the name on the jar. Her card is removed and, when turned over, it is revealed that the spider has vanished! It is found in a way that will make your spectator's scream!

    There's a bonus finish that is also a great routine for owners of the Web magic trick. An empty jar is shown and signed, then placed on the table. The 'real' spider is smacked against the card, then shown to have vanished. Turn the card over and show the spider is back in the jar!

    Key Selling Points:

  • An easy-to-perform trick. Great for ages 8 to 88!
  • Repeatable with no reset. Includes a semi-scary and really scary ending.
  • The surprise ending can be used with The Web magic trick.
  • Spectator gets to keep a cool souvenir!
  • Includes 50 special cards, photo illustrated instructions and props.
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