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  • Vampire Slayer by Chazpro Magic - Trick - VAMPIRESLAYER

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    Your spectator gets the chance to become a Real Vampire Slayer, just like Buffy!

    Show the spectator a card with a picture of a vampire sleeping in his coffin. A 'relic' from Transylvania. Each card is rumored to have a little piece of Dracula's soul.

    Your spectator signs the card, then takes it, face-down, and pushes an Official Vampire Killing Wooden Stake (tooth pick), through the vampires heart. When the card is turned over, the Vampire has changed into a skeleton. Dracula is Dead! Long live the Slayer!

    Key Selling Points:

  • An easy-to-perform trick!
  • Repeatable with no reset.
  • Spectator gets to keep a cool souvenir!
  • Includes 50 Vampire Cards.
  • Photo-illustrated instructions and props.
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