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    Break the Law of Gravitation anywhere and anytime, use ANY Matchbox and your single fingertip.

    This is what they said about Foundation!!

    "It's really Amazing!! The Plus point it's Impromptu!!"
    - Lyndon Jugalbot (Creator best seller effect "Unwritten").

    "A clever method for an impromptu suspension."
    - Oliver Smith (Creator best seller effect "Foresight")

    "I love it my brother, impromptu and examinable, your trick is really smart"
    - Laurent Mikelfield (Creator best seller effect "Smiley")

    Foundation is a best solution from Rizki Nanda to break the law of gravitation anywhere and anytime, only use a borrowed Matchbox and your single fingertip.

    Place Any Matchbox on the edge of your single fingertip and with a little bit concentration you balance it.

    This is a wizard ability because you use any borrowed Matchbox and don't need anything like:

    • Magnet
    • Weight
    • Wire
    • Thread
    • Loops
    • Sticky/Adhesives
    • No tricky your Nail
    Best of All this is Impromptu and Easy to do!!

    A perfect Closing or Opening effect for Any Matchbox routine and leave an examinable matchbox at the end!!

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