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    Thick Card - a double thick playing card used as a locator card, a peek device, an automatic double lift facilitator, a break-less control gaff and a sleight free forcing machine!

    The thick card is one of the most overlooked and underused gaffs in magic. Simple and inexpensive to make, yet massively versatile, this innocuous creation is a powerful replacement for sleight of hand. With one dropped into your working deck you will be armed and ready to perform controls, forces, multiple lifts and peeks all without EVER HOLDING A BREAK!

    The Thick Card is like the swizz army knife of gaffs - it can do so much, yet is all but invisible in the deck. You can have your thick card in play all day long. The deck can be handled by the spectator. It's undetectable from every angle, and it's 100% locatable with touch alone. (No more panicked triple checking that you cut at the right place!).

    This single gaff card will elevate your routines to a stratospheric level - now you can perform forces, controls, peeks and multiple lifts with the cleanest possible handling. As you never need to hold a break, you are free to put the deck down. You can shuffle, cut and mix the deck AND STILL BE IN COMPLETE CONTROL OF THE CARDS!

    On 'The Thick Card Project' your host, Liam Montier, will teach you how to use this most venerable of gaffs . Learn over 90 mins of techniques, tips and ingenious applications. Then delve into the collection of ten incredible routines.

    The right way to make a thick card
    Which cards to use for your thick card
    How to cut a thick card to the top of the deck
    How to cut a thick card to the bottom of the deck
    Control a selection to the top of the deck
    Control a selection to the bottom of the deck
    Having selections made with a thick card loose in the deck

    Overhand Shuffle Control
    Double Overhand Shuffle Control
    Another Overhand Shuffle Technique
    Controlling a selection to 2nd from top
    Harry Riser's Mistake Control
    Advice on using different controls
    George Kaplan's Fan Cut Control
    George Kaplan's Triple Cut Control
    Steve Bedwell's Pinkie Count Control
    Advice on making the most of the clean handling

    The Riffle Force
    Riffle Force For A Selection
    The Dribble Force
    Using The Dribble Force As A Control
    The Cross Cut Force
    The Stop Force
    The Peek Force
    Advice on using a light touch

    Hit Style Double Lift
    Tabled Double Lift
    The Pros & Cons Of A Thick Card
    Top Peek
    Bottom Peek
    Centre Peek
    The Wind Up Gag Peek
    Letting Your Spectators Handle The Deck

    Your Card Plus 4 Aces (Rovi)
    Cards In Harmony (Rovi)
    Surprise Speller (Bert Allerton)
    Xray Eyes (Jean Hugard)
    Xray Location (George Kaplan)
    Without Sight, Without Knowledge (Rovi)
    Emotional Reaction (Dai Vernon)
    The Biddle Trick (Elmer Biddle)
    Expert Card Technique Reveal
    Bonus - Liam's full multi-phase Multiple Selection routine

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