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    Issue 6:

    • From the Editor by Paul Romhany
    • Making News by Danny Archer
    • Choosing the Material for Your Act by Matthew Fallon
    • Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
    • Magician's Crossword Puzzle by Balu the Magician
    • The Illusionists Welcome to Their World by Chipper Lowell
    • Michael Giles Interview Part 2 by Chipper Lowell
    • Business Cards and Online Printing by Kyle Peron
    • Just Say Yes to Acting Part 2 by Joey Pipia
    • Nick Lewin Presents... The Magic Castle's 50th Birthday Bash
    • 50th Acknowledgements by Steve Spill
    • Sound Advice by Peter Mennie
    • Hands-Off by Stefan Olschewski
    • Yif - Art of Magic by Tim Ellis
    • Analyzing Charlie Chaplin's What People Laugh At by Ben Robinson
    • Buying the Perfect Domain Name by Leif David
    • Child's Play - Performing at Festivals by Tony Chris
    • Coming Up With Original Ideas by Charles Bach
    • The Downsizing of Magic by Jeff McBride
    • Temika Sperry the Magic Assistant by Gwyn Auger
    • The Ring Rip-Off by Paul Romhany
    • Piracy by Bizzaro
    • Choosing Your First Grand Illusion by JC Sum and Magic Babe Ning 
    • Compatibility Test by Richard Webster
    • Ultimate Victory Cartons by JC Sum
    • Elimination Game by Wayne Rogers
    • Magic Reviews by Paul Romhany and Friends
    • Stand and Deliver! - The Art of Getting Noticed by Dean Hankey and Errin Hogan
    • Billz by TC Tahoe
    • Wilson Meets Weber by Danny Archer
    • Young Magicians Corner by Chase Hasty
    • The Success Series - Copperfield Lessons by Cris Johnson
    • Income Marketing System for Magicians by Randy Charach
    • From the Desk of Keith Fields - Back On the Street Part Three 
    • And Another Thing... Rantings of a Comedy Magician by Chipper Lowell

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