Customer Feedback

    • I've been out of town and leave again in the morning. Love the bag! It is perfect and just what I needed! I can now travel with my expensive cups knowing they will stay safe.
      Bill Malone
    • The pouches arrived just a few minutes ago. These are very nice. They are just a little larger than the ones I used in pairs at the Renaissance festivals. The size means that they will be easy to get into and out of. And the snap off top is just perfect. I wish I'd had something like this ready to purchase when I started doing this 30 years ago!
      Bill Palmer
    • I received my bag today and it exceeded my expectations. When I put a box inside and put it together I couldn't believe how great it looked. The way the ring fits around so perfectly and the box fits like a glove. Who created this? You? I am amazed. I just showed it to my wife and she couldn't believe it either. The material is fantastic. I couldn't find anything wrong at all. Great job. How can I get a hold of these to sell? Thanks a lot for everything you have done for us. I wish you hadn't bought the Box. I would have given you one for all of this.
      Dean Dill
    • Just to let you know that the bag arrived safe and sound. The bag is excellent and works fine and a huge improvement on most of the bags that are sold with The Sceptre. In fact I would go so far as to say that it is as good if not better than the original bag that was sold with the trick by George Blake. Many thanks again.
      Terry Herbert
    • The attention to detail on your pouch is amazing! From the adjustable gusset straps to the snap on flap to the internal pockets and thick rounded rim, your pouch exhibits a design that is sure to please the real worker, not to mention the quality of craftsmanship... c'est magnifique! A sure winner at a price that is ridiculously low! I look forward to your next project.
      Andrew J. Pinard
    • I have been using the Busker's Pouch these last few days, and I absolutely love it. I can't give you enough praise, because not only does it look great, but I am amazed at how much I can fit in there! If I put all the magic I put in there together, it would add up to almost 90 minutes! Thanks again for such a great product.
      John Sturk
    • The dice/chop cup came in. It's wonderful! Thanks so much. I may buy another one for a friend for the holidays. I also may order one of your padded bags for my cup. Do they come in different colors?
      A.J. Polizzi
    • I've just received the pouch. It's really nice, well made and practical. I'm very pleased with it. I'm also pleased with how long it took to arrive!. I've ordered things from around the corner and they have taken over a month to come. So just nine days to come all the way from America is brilliant.
      Paul Temple
    • Just wanted to assure you that I received my coin purse and I love it! Great quality and good construction! Thank you for all the updates and for the great service!
      Jay Hwang
    • I received the Zipper Coin purse and had a few minutes to check it out before I had to leave...but I have to say, this simple, unassuming looking purse is actually a little gem. It's small but holds a lot and holds it really tight and protected (as long as you have at least 4 coins in there). I'd feel secure putting expensive gaffs in there and tossing in into my case or pocket. The interior fabric protecting the coins from the leather is essential and I like that the whole package is very compact. I also like that I can open it and it's contents are shielded from view on either side. Awesome work. If you have any plans to make more versions of it (say, with a metal zipper, or two or more additional pockets, etc.), please let me know! Thanks for the great product.
      Christopher Moro
    • I received my package last week and just wanted to convey my thanks for an excellent service from beginning to end. The chop cup is beautiful and screams quality. Suffice it to say i'm very impressed.
      David Clement
    • The dice cup you sold me is phenomenal.
      John Abraham
    • I've been away awhile and just got the package today. I particularly liked the chop cup. As someone who used to do leather work as a hobby, I appreciate the care in its design and construction. It's totally innocuous, yet the magnet is carefully off centre, the seam locates the magnet, etc. There are many uses that this feature alone suggests and if you goof and get the wrong ball there's still a way out that doesn't really involve sleight of hand - just simple handling. But best of all, totally innocuous, you'd never suspect...
      Kevin Mc Lean
    • Timothy James from Calmagic here! I had no idea that was your website. I gotta say, you have a fantastic variety of stuff and I will definitely be ordering more in the future.
      I've started using my new leather dice stacking cup in my show and it has made a world of difference! Not only does it look like it came out of a high end game set, but because of the soft, red lining on the inside, I can now produce larger, solid final loads, such as giant dice and billiard balls without any noise. This has given me the finale I've always wanted and could never have with the standard plastic, metal and wooden dice stacking cups.
      T!mothy James
    • I just got the pouch with the modifications we discussed. I can't believe this is not your #1 seller! The compartment sizes are great! The quality of the leather and stiffness of the pockets really are what I was hoping for! There is no tell from the front of what I may be carrying and am planning on recreating several routines where I had to reach in the case for a wand or scarf or other small item will now come from the pouch. Thanks again for working with me on the modifications and I look forward to doing more business in the future!
      Brian Groth
    • Your gear kicks ass!!! I love it. Strong, dependable, and technically superlative.
      Hans Otten
    • This is really outstanding stuff here, Frank. Thanks so much. I have two items of yours --- bags for Dean's Box and Ninja Rings --- but plan on many more purchases over the months and years to come.
      Daniel Ulin
    • WOW! Well worth the wait. Thanks.
      Ed Michaels